M&A Consulting

Navigate the convergence of cultures to capture value.
The indicators for M&A success are values alignment, cultural cohesion, and unified strategic thinking.

Companies prepare for M&A deals with thorough due diligence. However, over 70% of M&A deals fail because due diligence tends to focus on the past performance of each company, which are seldom accurate indicators of the future success of the combined entity. Successful integration requires values alignment, cultural cohesion, and unified strategic thinking. Poor cultural integration results in a loss of both talent and revenue.

Lapin’s M&A consulting methodology simultaneously merges their structures and synergizes their cultures. A unified culture, architected to execute an integrated strategy for distinction, leverages the best of both companies to capture lasting value and deliver growth.

After a comprehensive cultural assessment, Lapin engages leadership in interactive workshops that confront the issues that could undermine success. With the leadership team, we then explore the purpose and values of the new entity and agree on actions and behaviors that will distinguish the strategy and culture for its emerging future.

Strategy should adapt. Values should endure.
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