Why Lapin

Why Lapin

Lead by Greatness.
Our Lead by Greatness® philosophy and expertise in integrating purpose-driven strategy and values-based leadership have been proven to unlock clarity and provide measurable business results.
Character powers success.

Lapin reconciles the pursuit of profit and the search for purpose—the “hard” and “soft” drivers of business performance. In doing so, we offer what few consultants can: holistic strategies that draw power from these two sensibilities traditionally seen as mutually exclusive.

Traditional consulting models neglect the human forces that encourage or inhibit business success. Conventional leadership development stops short of channeling personal progress into corporate success. Our Lead by Greatness® philosophy bridges the divide between individual and enterprise to cultivate purpose-driven organizations united around common values, creating the conditions for both personal achievement and business growth.

Purpose-Driven Strategy

Purpose compels an organization to focus on what distinguishes it.

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Aligning & Developing Leadership

Lapin helps organizations turn purpose to profit through strategic distinction and leadership mastery.

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Client Testimonial
TD Bank

“[Lapin uses] an approach which is not one size fits all. They do this in a very sophisticated analytical manner in understanding the context and the environment and then they bring a very human centered way to improve leadership capabilities, strategic execution and organizational behavior.”

—Stephan Schenk, TD Bank, EVP & Head of Shared Services
Lead by Greatness
How Character Can Power Success
David Lapin’s book reveals timely strategies grounded in timeless wisdom.
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Lead by Greatness
Humans make businesses. We make businesses human.
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Lead by Greatness