Effective Leadership Development

Humans make businesses. We make businesses human.
Lead by Greatness® helps you cultivate inspired teams by drawing on your personal stature, not your positional status.

Values-based leaders foresee trends but are not enslaved by them. They are persuaded by value and opportunity, not by fad or frenzy. They recognize talent, inspire it, and nurture it. As guardians of their organizations’ brands, they build trusting teams and sustainable reputations. They innovate, they care, they deliver. Through effective leadership development, you and your leaders will be differentiated not merely by your competence, but also by your character.

People follow leaders who inspire them, whom they trust, and who demonstrate wisdom. These are innate capacities that most leaders have but seldom draw on. Lead by Greatness® teaches you how to harness these capacities in leadership.


To inspire, leaders should be aligned to their Purpose, authentic to their values, and able to master their reactions in all situations. In this session, you will learn:

  • To discover and articulate your unique purpose and align it to your work
  • To formulate your Leadership Fingerprint, a values-based tool to inform choices, influence others, and resolve conflict
  • To avoid being triggered or triggering others into defensiveness


People are trusted when they demonstrate humility, vulnerability, and generosity. Lead by Greatness® redefines these terms into practical leadership tools for building trust. In this session, you will learn:

  • To project yourself effectively but not arrogantly
  • To embrace your vulnerability in ways that build trust
  • To use the power of gratitude to unlock your team's full energy


Leaders demonstrate wisdom when they make every member of their organization feel heard, understood, and included. In this session, you will learn:

  • To create a sense of inclusion across different cultures and generations
  • To have difficult conversations that create change
  • To use the power of questioning and listening to stimulate new thinking and action
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