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Lead in the Moment
Lead in the Moment:
Prepare Your Team for an Unknowable Future

Lead in the Moment is a coaching program designed to help you and your team feel grounded in an environment where nothing is predictable and so much seems out of control. By connecting more deeply with yourselves, your families, your teams, and your stakeholders, you will engage on a different level—more committed, more connected, and more productive.

Whether you choose to independently coach and grow your team members or to engage in one-on-one sessions with a Lead by Greatness® coach, Lead in the Moment pushes you to think beyond the confines of crisis and equips you with a new lens to be ready to lead in the moment, wherever and whenever that moment may be, whatever it may entail.

Lead in the Moment focuses on three key areas: Respond, Reconnect, and Reshape. This introspective reflection impacts how we emerge not only from this time, but the next time, and the time after. Learning to Lead in the Moment enables us to move forward with clarity, confidence, and commitment.

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This Guide equips you with a framework to coach your team through times of radical change and to prepare them for an unknowable future.

Coaching questions have been curated to help reset needs, goals, and expectations in all areas of work and life.

Download the Guide now to start on a meaningful journey and help your team respond, reconnect, and reshape.


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Together with a Lapin Coach, discover your best path forward. Our Lead in the Moment coaching program includes four telephonic one-on-one coaching sessions.

Our coaches take a deliberate and curious approach to self-inquiry, challenging you to reflect, gain clarity, and act.

Send us a message to learn more about the program and to find the right Lapin coach for you.