Leadership Development Training

Cultivate greatness in tomorrow's leaders.
Lapin’s Train-the-Trainer accelerates organizational change by embedding the Lead by Greatness® philosophy throughout your culture.

After Lapin has conducted leadership development training with senior executives, our Train-the-Trainer program facilitates efficient delivery of training to others in the organization.

Lapin partners with the organization’s Talent / L&D / HR team(s) to design and implement a customized Train-the-Trainer program. This enables your organization to import key elements of the Lead by Greatness® methodology into your culture. During the program, Lapin licenses a team of in-house facilitators and presenters who will be responsible for delivering the Leadership Workshops. After your group of in-house facilitators becomes immersed in the Lead by Greatness® philosophy, they will be able to passionately communicate and powerfully cascade its key elements throughout your organization. This strengthens your leaders and builds your culture.

Train-the-Trainer Process

1 | Selection

Clients select an initial group of up to 20 facilitators for training and certification in the Lead by Greatness® methodology. They are selected from a pool of committed and talented leaders that have participated in the Lapin Leadership experience together with representatives from OD and HR. Ideal candidates will have experience in workshop facilitation, feel a strong connection to the Lead by Greatness® philosophy, and be passionate about teaching it to others.

2 | Train-the-Trainer Workshop (3 Days)

Lapin creates a rich immersion experience that connects each facilitator to the Lead by Greatness® content, preparing them to develop and inspire others to new levels of greatness. Creating a trusting, open environment, Lapin will constructively challenge and support each facilitator through a rigorous process of discovery and application as they grapple with the Lead by Greatness®. Together with hands-on, personalized coaching feedback, Lapin elevates delivery quality and impact. Each workshop includes a “teach back” portion where each facilitator presents sections of the curriculum to demonstrate their competency with the material and passion for its message.

3 | Certification and Licensing

Lapin certifies only those participants that truly demonstrate excellence. These distinguished individuals will be licensed as Lead by Greatness® facilitators. Facilitators will be licensed only to deliver the Lapin material within their respective organizations. Lapin reserves the right to license only those who have embraced the process and demonstrated proficiency in their ability to facilitate the content.

Each licensed trainer receives the following as part of their Trainer’s Kit:

— Trainer’s Guide, Participant Workbook, and complete set of Lead by Greatness® slides
— Leadership Journal and David Lapin’s book, Lead by Greatness
— Virtual check-in meetings with a Lapin-certified coach (as needed)
— Annual subscription to Lapin’s Online Learning Academy (LOLA), a subscription-based video content tool that includes key elements of Lapin’s philosophy

4 | Ongoing Support

Ongoing support is offered in several ways, including:

— Real-time constructive feedback to support each trainer in delivering a more impactful program
— Quarterly action learning sessions to share experiences and best practices, cross-pollinate learning, and resolve any challenges that have emerged
— Facilitator touch-points through webinars which discuss key learnings, breakthroughs, and breakdowns. This enables Lapin to offer new insights that can further bolster each facilitator’s confidence and effectiveness.
— Annual recertification workshop where trainers are updated on new material, methodology, and experiences gained by Lapin from its ongoing research and client work

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