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Case Studies

Creative solutions for complex companies.
Case Studies
Our diverse clients share one common characteristic: the integrity of their leaders. Having worked closely with leaders in industries ranging from retail to banking and sectors ranging from public to private, spanning five continents over more than two decades, Lapin has accrued significant cross-industry experience. This multifaceted insight allows us to deliver breakthrough thinking free from the type of “best practices” that lead to competitive convergence. Instead, we empower our clients with the tools to rise above their competition and distinguish themselves as benchmarks for their industries.
Creating an inspiring vision and purpose-driven strategy for growth in tech start-up

Recapturing market dominance through a new cultural value system

Creating a unified and inspired employee culture

How Coke Vanquished Pepsi through a Values-Based Culture

Building a committed business culture by putting customers first

Strategy should adapt. Values should endure.
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