Values-Based Leadership

Values-Based Leadership

Unlock the sheer potential of the human spirit.
We help organizations turn purpose to profit by inspiring values-based leadership mastery.

Most leadership programs focus on how to influence the behaviors of others. Our values-based leadership development is based on the premise that the most effective way to elicit behavioral change in others is to transform the behavioral levers in yourself. Using our Lead by Greatness® philosophy, you will produce the outcomes you desire in others, while gaining new insight into your fundamental nature.


Humans make businesses. We make businesses human.

In an immersive workshop experience, discover your potential and inspire others to achieve success.

Lead by Greatness® is a customized leadership experience that challenges you to reach new levels of thinking and being. It empowers your leaders to draw on their deepest strengths to energize their performance at every level.

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Transform the person, transform the business.

Explore new depths and break new boundaries to create sustainable change.

Lapin’s one-on-one executive coaching builds leadership stature and the capacity to inspire teams to excel.

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Know yourself. Lead others.

Learn how others experience you, and make visible changes that will impact your leadership effectiveness.

The Lapin 360 diagnostic highlights developmental opportunities that will enhance the strength of your character and leadership.

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Cultivate greatness in tomorrow's leaders.

Accelerate organizational change by embedding the Lead by Greatness® philosophy throughout your culture. Train-the-Trainer enables you to independently cascade our philosophy to all levels.

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Lapin Online Leadership Academy (LOLA)

Leadership education that fuels foundational change.

Built on the unique principles outlined in Lapin’s Lead by Greatness® philosophy, LOLA is an innovative online leadership development course for you to access in your own time.

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Humans make businesses. We make businesses human.
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