Leadership Education

Leadership education that fuels foundational change.
An innovative online leadership development experience built on the unique principles outlined in Lapin’s Lead by Greatness® Philosophy

Lapin’s Online Leadership Academy (LOLA) is a subscription-based, video content leadership education platform that offers key tenets of Lapin’s core philosophy in short modules facilitated by Lapin’s principals and senior consultants. The content is ideal for reinforcing and embedding the concepts and tools learned in Lapin’s Lead by Greatness® workshops. It can also be an integral part of a blended learning experience that combines elements of both classroom and technology-based leadership development. LOLA is a great support tool for those organizations who utilize Lapin’s Train-the-Trainer approach.

LOLA is ideal for:
— Corporations that have experienced the Lapin methodology and wish to share its ideas with a wider audience
— Leaders who have experienced the Lapin methodology and wish to share it with their teams
— Individuals seeking personal and professional development in their own time


This module makes the case for the centrality of purpose to every individual, team, and organization. We examine how humans are wired to behave “defensively” or “heroically” and explore the implications of functioning from each of these two operating systems. Additionally, we guide leaders through the process of discovering and articulating their own unique Purpose—an invaluable framework to inform and guide a Purpose-centric life.


People respect and follow leaders they perceive as authentic. This requires aligning one’s decisions and actions with one’s values and value-drivers. Using the accompanying tutorials leaders can then map out their spiritual DNA into a Leadership Fingerprint, enabling them to be more deliberate in the choices and decisions they make.


Mastery is the ability to remain “heroic” even when triggered, a characteristic vital to effective leadership. How we avoid the instinctive pull into our defensive mode is an essential part of the learning. This module explains why we are naturally wired to be triggered into our defensive mode and delineates practical tools to overcome this instinctive pull.

Practical Tools for Leadership

Great leadership is powered not only by competence, but by character. Nevertheless, there are some powerful tools that can greatly enhance effective leadership. This module demonstrates tools such as: powerful questions, responsive listening, and how to conduct difficult conversations.

Strategy should adapt. Values should endure.
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