The Inclusion Experience <br> Webcast Replay

The Inclusion Experience
Webcast Replay

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion training often fails to deliver the anticipated results because it does not address two big challenges:

The first challenge facing most DE&I training is the word “training”. Training programs generally provide information, teach process, view relationships between people as transactional, and are largely about compliance. Training may imply that there is a panacea. Inter-relational topics like diversity, equity, and inclusion do not always work well in “training”. Whereas training may be designed to provide the tools for interaction, it does not actually require the one thing that can almost guarantee its success: a changed mindset able to deliver authentic care. DE&I initiatives require genuine interactions. They are the keystones to successful programs.

The second challenge to address is how we prepare people to engage in these initiatives. Program developers often assume that participants are ready and open to participate. But this is rarely true. No topic is more likely to trigger defensiveness than DE&I. When conversations turn to race, no one wants to be perceived as racist. Fear can shut down conversations. How can we shift the mindset from arms-across-the-chest defensiveness to one of curious inquiry and active participation?

Lapin has been facilitating these types of conversations for three decades. Our experience in DE&I began with Nelson Mandela and his government in post-apartheid South Africa, expanded with law enforcement after the Rodney King incident, and continues to deepen and thrive with each new experience.

In this 60-minute webcast replay, David Lapin and Sunny Lee-Goodman share how to prepare for The Inclusion Experience, which develops and builds your capacity to have honest conversations about inclusion and diversity. The experience is for teams and organizations who recognize that doing nothing is not an option, who see that there is no time to wait. It all starts with preparing yourself—now.

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