Discover Your Authentic Self

Lapin Leadership Fingerprint™ Assessment

Discover Your Authentic Self
The Lapin Leadership Fingerprint™ Assessment is a web-based, self-guided process built with the same proprietary framework that our certified Lead By Greatness® coaches follow.

While a self-guided assessment is not a true replacement for the deep insights that coaching sessions uncover, through guided step-by-step questions and answers, our AI-augmented tool will help you undergo similar reflections and analysis to compose your own Leadership Fingerprint

The best leaders bring out excellence in others not by learning how to be someone new, but by discovering how to be their authentic selves. Lapin's Leadership Fingerprint helps you become a more effective leader by activating and staying true to your personal values, especially in difficult or stressful situations.
Taking your leadership to the next level begins with learning how to lead yourself. Your unique system of value-drivers, mapped into your own fingerprint, is something that nobody else can copy.

Your Leadership Fingerprint will guide every decision you make and help you manage every leadership challenge with clarity and resolve.

Rather than being tempted to act in defense, you’ll make heroic decisions that serve others and advance you as a leader.

Looking for hands-on coaching?

Our Lead by Greatness coaches are waiting to help you unlock your true potential as a leader. Whether you’re ready to schedule a guided session or have questions about how the process will work, please contact us today.

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Unleash the power of team collaboration.

Build a team of effective, authentic leaders by having them all create their own Leadership Fingerprints™ through the Assessment tool. Then in a dynamic and interactive virtual workshop, Lapin will highlight areas of commonality and showcase areas of potential friction that inhibit success. This will set the stage for higher levels of partnership and performance.

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Lapin Leadership Fingerprint™ Assessment
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