Organizational Purpose

Diagnosis is easy. Treatment takes work.
Lapin's Activation process designs clear, achievable initiatives that activate organizational purpose and deliver quick and visible results.

When every decision in the company is driven by purpose, a deeper level of trust is developed, which inspires leaders. With trust comes risk-taking and innovation, resulting in high performance levels.

Working with a new leadership language to develop a culture of trust and respect, Lapin will guide your leaders through a thorough examination of existing initiatives relating to structure, people, and processes, evaluating the extent of their alignment with your organizational purpose.

Together, we then craft an actionable blueprint with individual accountability, commitments, timelines, and measurable milestones. This actionable blueprint is the management tool through which organizational purpose is driven.


From A to B

Lapin works with individual teams to identify the actions they will take to support the organizational purpose. Partnering with a number of focused work-streams, our integration experts facilitate robust conversation and engage teams to:

  • Identify the most visible initiatives and supporting actions that bring the purpose to life in their arenas.
  • Examine current strategies in light of the purpose, identifying which strategies are aligned with the purpose and which should be modified or abandoned.
  • Engage in a disciplined approach to evaluate initiatives and processes that should be discontinued.
  • Create accountability by identifying the individuals and teams responsible, including critical milestones for each initiative.
Strategy should adapt. Values should endure.
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