Inclusion and Diversity Training

Expand perspectives. Transcend differences. Achieve collaboration.
Inclusion and Diversity are not problems to be solved, but journeys of discovery and growth.

The field of Inclusion and Diversity is fluid and ever-changing, and therefore requires equally fluid and ever-changing solutions. Discussions about race, ethnicity, and gender are sensitive and challenging, and most people are generally ill-prepared to engage in them. This lack of preparation can result in defensive reactions meant to protect one's beliefs and values. Based on a set of sacred values, Lapin expands perspectives to find common ground, enhance collaboration, and create a more productive working environment.

Program Components

Lapin’s foundational program for Inclusion and Diversity training offers a holistic approach. It is designed to expand mindsets and increase the capacity to engage in honest conversations around these sensitive, yet critical subjects. Cultivating open conversation creates deeper connection and trust among diverse peoples, building the foundation for more successful engagement. The program consists of the following six components, where participants will learn:

1. Two Operating Systems

  • How to understand reactivity under stress.
  • How to master reactivity under stress.

2. Mindfulness and Mastery

  • How to identify their triggers that cause defensiveness.
  • How to deliberately make different choices to yield different outcomes.

3. Compassionate Listening for Learning

  • How to suspend their judgement to listen more openly.
  • How to listen without defaulting to problem-solving.

4. Constructing Powerful Questions

  • How to formulate questions that are expansive and respectful.
  • How to use questions to deepen understanding and insight.

5. Three Cultural Lenses

  • How to perceive the world through other people's eyes.
  • How to communicate in ways that cut through cultural differences.

6. Recovery and Repair

  • How to preserve relationships in the face of mistakes.
  • How to offer authentic and effective apologies.
Strategy should adapt. Values should endure.
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