Leadership Development

Unlike off-the-shelf products, our Leadership Development, built on David Lapin’s Lead By Greatness™ philosophy and methodology, is customized to align to your company’s strategic objectives. Most leadership programs focus on how to change the behaviors of others. Lead by Greatness™ is premised on the foundation that the most effective way to elicit changed behaviors and attitudes from others is to know what behavioral levers in yourself you need to transform in order to gain the desired outcomes around you.

Lead By Greatness™ builds the three capablities essential for leadership. The capacity to:

  1. inspire greatness;
  2. build trust; and
  3. demonstrate wisdom.

Lead By Greatness™ comprises interactive, thought-provoking workshops that inspire participants to think differently about their work, life and leadership. They learn to act differently as they develop heightened self-awareness though one-on-one coaching sessions.

The program develops leaders:

  • Prepared with the self-insight and agility to master a fast and unpredictable future.
  • Who know how to continuously challenge their own and others' assumptions and relentlessly innovate new ways to add value.
  • Who inspire others through the strengths of their inner-character rather than intimidate them using their positional power.
  • With alignment at the deepest level between their own life-purpose and values, and the strategic goals, vision, mission, and values of their organizations.

As part of Leadership Development, we further strengthen leaders and teams through the following services:

  • Coaching – High impact executive coaching that builds leadership stature and provides them with tools for influence and inspiration.
  • Team Optimization – We facilitate workshops that align individuals to the common purpose of the team and identify the behaviors needed for the team to build trust and accelerate performance.
  • Cultural and Generational Diversity – We offer specialized workshops that focus on how to inspire and build trust across barriers of culture and age.