Be Right Now


As business leaders we evaluate the past and forecast the future. We focus so much on the past and on the present, and we need to. But we take our eye off the present at our peril. How a leader shows up in the moment, each moment, every moment, is what will determine the future and create the past. The present moment is all we control, yet it is often the moment in time to which we pay the least attention.

Now is the present.

Now is a present…a gift.

Now is the pinnacle of your past. Everything you have ever done and experienced has led you to now. Yet now is not limited by your past. Nor is your past limited; it is not cast in stone. You can mold your past by the choices you make now. By elevating now to an even higher place of being, you give more meaning and purpose to the past that brought you to this moment of now. In a single moment, heroes change the meaning of their lives and transform them from mundanity to distinction, from anonymity to renown. The choice to act heroically in the now gives meaning to the past.

Heroic action does not need to be glamorous. Heroic action is simply putting the needs of others or a cause higher than yourself, before your own needs. Love is heroic. Idealism is heroic. Service and leadership are both heroic too.

Now is the foundation of your future…a future that you build from countless now moments; one after the other.

Seize the moment of now with all your passion, energy, and might, for now is all you have. And now is all you will ever need.

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