Regina Sherman

Consultant and Lead by Greatness Coach

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As a Lapin International consultant, Regina Sherman develops a rapport and relationship with her clients to build an environment of trust and open-mindedness. As a skilled leadership consultant, she opens them up to new and challenging concepts, empowering them to delve deeply into themselves in order to develop and hone in on their own leadership style.

In 2003, Regina founded her business consulting and coaching firm, targeted to small to mid-size privately held companies, where she worked with owners, senior leaders, and their teams in financial services, home remodeling, administrative services, healthcare, attorneys, and more. As a trusted business advisor and consultant, Regina helps business leaders build cohesive high performance teams so that they can create a distinct advantage in the market.

As a corporate citizen, Regina gained over 13 years of experience in two Fortune 100 firms, working in financial services, human resources and organizational development, change management, institutional sales, and portfolio management, providing concrete and theoretical practices to her clients.

As a leadership consultant and coach, Regina helps her clients by listening and asking pointed and challenging questions, enabling them to articulate and achieve greater levels of success through increased self-awareness, understanding their own opportunities for growth and productivity, and clarity in developing their goals.

Regina is a certified Lead by Greatness™ coach and holds a B.A. in Political Science, with a minor in Psychology from the University of Albany, as well as an MBA from the NYU Stern School of Business.