Norman Victor

Consultant and Lead by Greatness® Coach

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Norman Victor has been a senior leadership consultant with Lapin International since 2010. He has been involved in helping people realize their potential for most of his life, having eight years of Psychology as his foundation, as well as an ongoing Mindfulness Practice that began in 1981; both of which are incorporated into his work. Norman enables his clients to lead more effectively by helping them access their own authenticity to firmly anchor them amidst the ambiguity and uncertainty of the current work environment. In a challenging yet deeply caring way, Norman facilitates a reflective path to enable clients to actualize their own personal best.

Having gained his Masters in Psychology in South Africa in the midst of the turbulent apartheid years, Norman skillfully champions chaos as a natural part of what complexity looks like, directing the client to understand their own complexity as the dictates of how to see and experience the world. With keen awareness and intellect, Norman continues his own development through the work he has done with Dr. Dan Siegel at the Mindsight Institute at UCLA and more recently, a 5 month ORSC program, 2 year trauma certification program with Bessel Van der Kolk and Ruth Lanius, and a 1 year u-lab initiative with Otto Scharmer.

Resisting the mantle of expert, Norman instead likes to join his clients as fellow ‘journeymen’,  giving them perspective, understanding, and clarity into who they are and who they can become. For those leaders who seek something deeper and more meaningful, he knocks down the walls standing in their way, helping them gain perspective into their biases and what triggers them into being defensive. Norman works at a deep level, enabling the bridging of gaps and the true integration of the learning so that individuals emerge not only as more outstanding leaders, but also as more refined human beings.

Norman has worked with leaders in various industries, including banking, hospitality, healthcare, fashion, IT, Tech Startups, government, and education.