Gabriel DeRita

Consultant and Lead by Greatness® Coach

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Gabe DeRita supports leaders at every level to maximize their impact by aligning with purpose, uncovering meaning, and embodying authenticity. Gabe doesn’t fit neatly into standard categories, and his approach draws on many sources of wisdom and practice from his colorful career and background. Rooted in curiosity, experiential learning, and a spirit of play, Gabe’s work creates an atmosphere of trust and depth that allows individuals and teams to unlock potential and dissolve barriers to connection with self and others. He believes we should never silo ourselves and calls forth his clients to integrate themselves as fully alive human beings in all aspects of their life and work.

His experience across many sectors makes his perspective unique. Prior to starting his own coaching practice in 2019, he held management, sales, and consulting roles in the tech, hospitality, and tourism sectors. He’s coached leaders across many industries, from Y-Combinator tech startup founders to Fortune 500 management teams in hospitality, retail, financial services, and healthcare. In addition to his coaching work, Gabe is a seasoned facilitator. He’s created and delivered a wide range of transformational experiences for participants both virtually and in-person around the world; from boardrooms to Burning Man.

Gabe is a connection and communication specialist, and holds a B.A. in Political Science from Bard College in New York. He is trained in Authentic Relating practices as well as CoActive Coaching, and holds a PCC (Professional Certified Coach) Certification from the International Coach Federation.