Desi Rosenfield


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Desi Rosenfield joined Lapin International in 1993. At that time she already enjoyed an exceptional reputation as one of Deloitte & Touche’s upcoming young consultants while working with their Strategy Group in Johannesburg. This position exposed her to the country’s leading strategy experts, who pioneered South Africa’s advanced methods of business strategy. Desi assisted renowned consultants Anthony Ball and Stephen Asbury by providing research for their bestselling book, The Winning Way.

She was subsequently sought out to head the Economics Department at a large financial institution where she rose to the position of Chief Strategic Planner and Economic Advisor to the CEO and his executive committee. She also interacted at senior government levels dealing with critical issues relating to the impact of HIV and AIDS on the country.

Mindful of the limitations of conventional strategic thinking, Ms. Rosenfield identified the work of David Lapin as key to unleashing untold human energy for organizational effectiveness and competitive advantage. In 1993, she joined Lapin International (then known as Strategic Business Ethics) as Vice President to further propagate Lapin International’s unique philosophies and powerful solutions among both the public and private sectors. She later spearheaded Lapin International’s expansion into the USA.

Consulting Expertise
Ms. Rosenfield has headed research teams and has led consulting engagements for a variety of large international corporations. Her experience spans many industries including financial services, hospitality, retail, utilities, city and state government, and law enforcement agencies throughout the United States. She interacts with senior management and chief executives in the USA, Africa, Europe, and Asia. She completed her postgraduate studies in economics and finance at the University of the Witwatersrand and now, although traveling extensively, lives with her family in Arizona and Los Angeles.