Know the Values that Drive You

Webinar Replay and Solution Brief

Know the Values that Drive You

If you missed “Know the Values that Drive You”—Lapin’s new webinar presented live on December 4, 2019 by Lapin founder and CEO David Lapin—or would like to share the webinar replay with a co-worker, we are now offering the webinar on-demand for you to watch at your convenience.

“Know the Values that Drive You” shows you:

  • How to use your values to inspire the performance of others.
  • Why a list of values isn’t effective—and what you need instead.
  • How to make quicker decisions with clarity and determination.

Spend just 45 minutes with us and learn how knowing your system of values will elevate your confidence and effectiveness as a leader.

To learn more about Lapin’s Leadership FingerprintTM download the brief.