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Norman Victor


Norman Victor completed his Masters in Psychology. While training as an Industrial Psychologist, he conducted extensive research into the effects of leadership development and how it can significantly impact a leader’s life and well-being. He continued his work in exploring the “self” via the modalities of voice, speech, breath, Alexander, Suzuki, meditation, psychoanalysis, and mind-body connection work. Prior to joining Lapin, Norman worked for eight years on his own anecdotal research into mind-body processing with the elderly population, primarily those with mild to severe dementia-related issues, Parkinson’s, and brain dysfunction as a result of stroke.

Norman blends his strong alignment with the work of Viktor Frankl into an integrated psychodynamic approach. Currently engaged in extensive study with Dan Siegel in the field of neuroscience at UCLA, Norman continues to extend his own work in order to provide the most significant offering to his clients. Growing up in South Africa, where he did his training; living in Europe; spending many years in New York; and now residing in Los Angeles, Norman brings a unique perspective to his coaching work. In his one-on-one coaching as a certified Lead by Greatness™ Coach and a certified Meta Coach, Norman helps his clients ascending the organizational hierarchy to hone the human skills needed to reach the summits of their potential.