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David Lapin

Chief Executive Officer

David Lapin, CEO of Lapin Consulting International, Inc., has earned the respect of global business leaders from his unique ability to identify a business's most current strategic opportunities and operational challenges while understanding and unraveling the complex dynamics of the human spirit at the same time. This ability, combined with his uncompromising position on growing revenue and maximizing profit, places him in the mastery category amongst international speakers, thought leaders, and organizational advisors.

Lapin International works with companies to apply Lead By Greatness principles in the areas of strategic thinking, culture building and leadership development. By discovering their unique corporate souls and using them to drive performance, these companies have consistently outperformed their industries. Lapin International, based in the USA, has clients worldwide including several Fortune 100 companies, smaller corporations, and government agencies internationally.

Born in South Africa, David Lapin has been active in international business for nearly thirty years. Before founding his consulting firm, he headed Raphaely International's global Metal and Minerals trading division. In this and subsequent executive roles, David interacted with business leaders in over 25 countries. The genesis of his Lead by Greatness philosophy was the work he did alongside South Africa's greatest business leaders who, together with Nelson Mandela and his government, transformed the country from a repressive apartheid regime to a vibrant new democratic economy. He continued with his groundbreaking work around the world, building self-driven, high-performing teams in environments of complex diversity. He was the founder of the South African Institute of Business Ethics, architect of the Code of Ethics for the first King Commission on Corporate Governance and a regular weekly columnist for The Star newspaper.