The Path to Greatness is Strewn With Obstacles!

My father used to tell me that when a project is fraught with obstacles, it is either a bad project or it is so valuable to the world that the dark forces of the universe conspire to derail it! I don't know if this is true or if he told me this as a child to comfort me when things didn't go as I had hoped. Be that as it may, some dark force has been at work to make the publication of Lead by Greatness very challenging! I know it is not because Lead By Greatness is a bad initiative! I guess that writing about greatness is as hard and unpredictable as living it! Lead By Greatness is my first book and for a variety of reasons we decided to self-publish it through Create Space Publishing, a division of Amazon. In an effort to make it just right for our readers and worthy of their greatness, we endured many frustrating delays as we sent draft after draft back with corrections and improvements. We also had to endure a number of purely technical delays in the process of preparing it for print and distribution. Finally, after we went to press we discovered that the book was printed off a corrupted file resulting in a number of errors and deletions that did not occur in the final manuscript. So I have asked for it to be withheld from further distribution until the text is corrected and worthy of my readers. I absolutely want it to be a great book and I wouldn't want anything less than that released to the public. My expectation is that the book will be available for purchase in January of the new year.
I want to thank everyone who has expressed interest in the book for their patience and feedback. The feedback we received from early copies of the book has been extremely positive and excited. Constructive critiques of the flawed product has helped to make it a still better tool for anyone aspiring to lead by character.

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