Follow your gut...but which of my guts?

In Lead by Greatness I develop the idea of the two operating systems by which we function, the heroic and the defensive. I explain how we can know when we are in one and when we are in the other, and how to move ourselves from one to the other for better decision-making. (See also The Paradox of Power.)

The operating system in which we function at any given moment, not only determines how we see and experience the world, but it also provides us with our intuitive knowledge, our "gut" feeling. When we are in our defensive operating system our gut will inform our intuition with everything we need to know for our own survival. At these times we feel certainty and a deep compulsion to act in a given way. This serves us well if we are physically threatened at that moment; but if we are not threatened, acting on this impulse will probably cause us regret later on.

We never, ever regret the decisions we make when we make them from our heroic operating system. In this mode our decisions are aligned with our higher purpose and with the values that uniquely drive us. In this mode we access our "guts" at a soul level rather than at an instinctive level.

Tony Schwartz is one of the leadership thinkers many of whose ideas align with Lead by Greatness. You can find interesting scientific support for the idea of two operating systems in his Harvard Business review article.

Lead by Greatness provides the methodology to move from one operating system to the other instantly. I can't wait to hear your comments on how it works for you once you have read the book and tried it out for yourself.

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