Don't lose the past!

Even moments passed can be recalled and revisited. Although in one sense there will never again in human history be a repetition of the present moment, in another way time is circular and repeats itself annually. Each year we experience spring, summer, fall and winter. Each year we have a Christmas or Chanukah and a New Year. Each year we celebrate a birthday, an anniversary. We can revisit time, we can recall moments; and by doing so we multiply the value we gain from the moments that make up our lives. You know how you feel when you go to a place that you visited a long time ago? You are not the same person as you were then, and the world is not the same. Still, your presence in a place you visited a long time before helps you recapture memories and feelings that you felt then but may not have felt since. In just the same way as you revisit old places, you can also revisit precious, joyful moments that occurred a long time ago. Some of the mechanisms we use to revisit past time are anecdotes, reminiscences, photographs and journals. But we can also use time itself; anniversaries of joyous moments. Just as we celebrate religious and national events on the dates they occurred we can resuscitate personal moments of joy on their anniversaries too. Digital calendars make this very easy to do. Each day enter a short, very descriptive piece in your calendar about a joyous or meaningful moment from your day. Set it for repetition every year. As the years go by many days in your calendar will have accumulated entries to remind you of wonderful moments you may have forgotten. Take a moment to reflect on them with gratitude and relive the joy and happiness you felt at the time. Doing this puts your present life into perspective and deepens your daily experience of life itself. Life is not a linear stretch of accumulated moments that once past never return. Life is a circular spiral of time, repeating each year. With each cyclical repetition your higher levels of experience, insight and wisdom enable you to experience past events with even greater depth than you did at the time. Enjoy the past... in the present. It made you who you are. Spiral Staircase at The Vatican  

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