Connect Four: Drew Rayman v.1.2

Welcome to Connect Four, our quick interview series highlighting leaders from different segments of society who have distinguished themselves through their leadership.  We glean insights into their unique experiences and perspectives. The Connect Four format includes three questions plus a rapid fire "Top 3-2-1 List".

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Today we welcome Drew Rayman, Managing Partner at Tenthwave Digital, LLC., one of the most successful digital marketing firms in the country.  Drew has been a pioneer in the digital communications industry for over 20 years, and leads the strategic direction at Tenthwave. He has a reputation for generating new ideas, implementing strategic action, and finding better ways to apply the fusion of art and technology.

Thank you, Mr. Rayman for joining us.

1. How did you get started with Tenthwave?

DR: I began as a corporate communications/designer and started my own design shop. When digital became a "thing", I created a digital agency. That agency grew and I sold it and restarted a new agency about 3.5 years ago.

2. Can you think of something "different" that you've done as a leader that really worked particularly well for you?

DR: Yes. I believe in having faith in people that show great attitude - the ones that WANT to be there. I support the ones that show up every day looking for ways to do things better, learn more, take chances and ask for it - those are the people you promote, believe in. Even if they fumble a few times, in the end a person with good attitude will get there.

3. As a leader in the digital field, you work with a lot of "new generation" employees, what do advice do you have for motivating and leading these folks?

DR: If you're leading young people, you had better create an environment that is transparent and honest. Authenticity. Young people today have an exceptionally defined bullshit filter. They want to know the good and the bad. So I don't sugar-coat the truth. On the flip side of that, the truth is words can be a weapon to hurt or tool to heal. Use your words to build people up. Breaking them down is unproductive 10 times out of 10.

Now we've come to the Rapid-Fire portion of the interview where we ask you to share your  3-2-1 lists:

Top three places to vacation:

1. Caribbean

2. Home

3. Europe

Top two hobbies:

1. Apple computers/technology

2. Horses

Favorite video game:

World War 2 Online, Battleground Europe. Only game I play and I've played it for many years.

Thank you, Mr. Rayman for joining us.  We appreciate you sharing your experiences with our community.


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