Book Excerpt: The Inner Guru

An excerpt from the book Lead by Greatness, Chapter 3

You were born with all the intelligence you need to fulfill your purpose.

THE FIRST step in implementing change towards achieving real greatness is to know both who you are and who you could become. You need to discover your authentic self and the purpose for which you were created. Revealing who you are at the very core of your essence--and the purpose for which you are here--will help you to access vast reservoirs of inner wisdom. This wisdom will not only guide you in living out your purpose and in realizing your dreams, but will also guide you in every decision you will need to make to develop your corporation's soul and ignite the life force of your team.

Where does this concept of "inner" or innate wisdom stem from? Isn't it true that wisdom and knowledge are learned, gleaned from life and study? Aren't we all born blank slates, to be filled every day with more information and experience?

Simply, the answer is no. We were born with all the intelligence we need to fulfill our purpose.

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