Book Excerpt: The Great "Why"

The following is an excerpt from the book Lead by Greatness.

By analyzing our differences we uncover our purpose.

When you envision your purpose clearly, things that you thought of as mere coincidences reveal themselves as miracles, and seemingly random events may begin to appear to you as a deliberate string of fortune. Say, for example, you decided that climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania at the end of the year is an important step in fulfilling your Personal Purpose. Once you have made the decision to undertake the trip, you will be surprised to see how many "coincidences" occur between now and then that can help to make that journey a reality. You may meet people who have knowledge or experience that is helpful to you; you might come across books, articles, and television programs that inform you; or you might stumble across others who are planning to be in Tanzania at the same time as you. Your clarity of purpose and vision alert you to notice things you otherwise might not have.

However, it goes further than that. When you clearly see and articulate the purpose for your business or team, things tend to fall into place to support your effort and help get your business from where it is to where it needs to be surprisingly quickly. Until your purpose is clear to you, you cannot align the forces you need to make your purpose a reality.

Living your purpose does generally attract material success. But your Personal Purpose is about loftier things than making money. It is about making a difference, often in a more profound way than you could have thought possible.

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