Book Excerpt: The Fingerprint Advantage

The following is an excerpt from the book Lead by Greatness.

The daily nurturing of your core value-driver is the most important thing you will do in your quest for greatness.

BIDVEST IS a seventeen-billion-dollar international services, trading, and distribution company that employs over one hundred thousand people worldwide. Founder and CEO Brian Joffe is Bidvest's secret weapon. He adds an energy, resourcefulness, and brilliance to his organization that others cannot copy. His genius lies not only in his selection of investment opportunities and identification of competent management teams, but also in the value he personally adds to each of the companies he acquires. He and his team are known for turning ordinary companies into extraordinary performers. Yet, as you will see from his Spiritual Fingerprint, he believes that "people create wealth; companies only report it."

Brian drives fast cars and flies jets, but at heart he is a simple, warm man of deep faith and solid family values. Accustomed to speed in all aspects of his life, there was a point when Brian became worried about Bidvest's relatively sluggish performance after a nearly twenty-year run of staggering growth. Understanding the principles of leadership, Brian showed me how his own personal level of focus and commitment at any given time impacted Bidvest's performance. With the company's stock lacking its old pizzazz, Brian wanted to look inward and address whatever was blocking his own energy.

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