Book Excerpt: Mapping Your Spiritual Fingerprint

The following is an excerpt from the book, Lead by Greatness. How different my life might have been if someone had taught me how to identify and map my Spiritual Fingerprint earlier. To learn about your own Spiritual Fingerprint, you will need to identify your value-drivers. Value-drivers differ from values; they are a more specific set of beliefs than the beliefs typically referred to as values. Our values are the sum total of all the things we believe to be good or bad, right or wrong. However, among this set of beliefs are beliefs for which we have made, or would be willing to make, significant sacrifices. These beliefs are what I call our value-drivers: values we have actually used to drive hard choices and resolve difficult dilemmas. Try making a list now of the values in which you believe and for which you have made a mean-ingful sacrifice at some time in your life. Consider, for example, that education is one of your values. Ask yourself when you made a sacrifice for education. If you have made a sacrifice for education and paid a price for it at some time in your life, then education is a value-driver for you. If you cannot recall making a sacrifice for education then it is still one of your values, but for the purpose of this exercise it is not a value-driver. Be very honest with yourself in this process even if you only emerge from it with a handful of value-drivers. Most of us have a small set of value-drivers even though we probably have a much bigger set of values for which we have not yet had to make a sacrifice or pay a price.

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