Book Excerpt from Lead by Greatness: The Authenticity Difference

The following is an excerpt from the book Lead by Greatness.

The only thing you can give your customer that competitors cannot is an experience that is authentic to who you and your company are at your very essence, in your soul.

Authenticity is the only thing that can't be replicated. John Reinhard, Explorer-in-Residence at the National Geographic Society, said: "There's nothing like seeing the authenticity of a real person. Replicas just don't have the same emotional power." People know authenticity when they see it, and they are willing to pay a substantial premium for the real thing.

Many companies in your industry probably offer the same products that you do, and many may do so with the same high quality, customer convenience, and service. Whatever innovation you introduce can be copied the next day. There is only one thing you can give your customers and other stakeholders that competitors cannot: an experience authentic to who you are and to the essence and soul of your company. Groups of people, teams, and corporations have a soul of their own. A company's soul is its spirit, its personality, its culture, and the values by which it stands. A company's soul is the reason why its customers stay loyal to it and why its best employees never leave it. When your customers' experience is derived from your corporate soul, it is authentic in the truest sense and cannot be copied.

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