Book Excerpt from Lead by Greatness: Cultural Architecture for Talent Advantage

The following is an excerpt from the book Lead by Greatness.

Measurement and structure alone do not inspire people to be creative and heroic; big ideas and authentic relationships do.

The way U.S. culture has become compartmentalized into three separate parts--a structural business culture, an ideological political culture, and a relational social culture--can play out with some disruptive social consequences. However, it does allow for companies to become as innovative with cultural architecture as they are with products and processes.

People are inspired by a higher corporate purpose that resonates with their own beliefs and values and by the authenticity of the people they work with. An inspired workplace is one in which all three cultural dimensions function in harmony: people connect with relational competence, they set targets and budgets with structural competence, and they work toward a higher ideological goal, a corporate purpose that unites them.

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