Book Excerpt: Espoused Expectations Vs. Implied Ones

The following is an excerpt from the book, Lead By Greatness.

Great leaders access the heroic in people and inspire them to greatness while, at the same time, holding them accountable for performance outcomes.

IT IS BETTER for an organization not to espouse its values at all than to flaunt their values but fail to apply and practice them. When employees perceive a disconnect between their organization's espoused values and those that it practices, they lose trust in management, and management often doesn't know the reason why.

 Implied employee contracts are essential to building a company culture, and there are four of them. We use the term implied employee contract to describe the way employees experience and interpret management's expectations of them. The four implied employee contracts are:

•     We value our people unconditionally.

•     We value our people for what they contribute to the company.

•     We value our people's contributions.

•     We value our people so that they will increase the contributions they make.

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