Book Excerpt: Breathing Soul into a Corporation

The following is a book excerpt from Lead By Greatness.

Our spirituality provides us with the capacity to create ideas and products that are unique and different from those created by others.

HAVE YOU ever wondered why there are so many brilliant people who have not been successful at building great organizations? This is because the quest for exponential growth in business requires more than brilliance and efficiency, and more than talent, too. Exponential growth and innovation are powered by talented people who are also infused with a driving sense of higher purpose, a sense of almost divine destiny. As we've seen, great leaders understand that purpose is inextricably linked to a spiritual foundation, the foundation on which they build a corporate soul for their organizations.

Yes, a corporation has a soul, too. It may sound like an abstract concept, but just as each individual possesses a unique and singular soul, every corporation possesses an inimitable soul, as well--and whether recognized or overlooked, it is fundamental to corporate success. In a soulless organization, it is impossible to generate human energy, transmit a sense of purpose, or tap human greatness. Great leaders know how to access their own souls, as we saw in Part 1, but great business leaders know how to use this knowledge to articulate their corporate souls to unlock powerful new waves of economic value.


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