Are you an Innovator or a Creator?

Jonathan Field asks:

Can you seek to be the best in the world at something while simultaneously striving to shatter the paradigm within which you're working to do what nobody's ever done before?

Jonathan's piece highlights some of the difference between innovation and creation: A composer creates a piece of music, a performer innovates his or her own nuances when they play it. The performer has to totally master the art and science of music before he or she can add their own innovative nuances. If you have ever watched great artists practice for a performance, you will have seen them spend hours and hours laboriously practicing complex scales, and playing a few bars of a piece over and over and over again. Only when their brains and muscles are wired to play the notes almost automatically, do they begin to add their own unique and subtle interpretations to the piece they are playing. The composer on the other hand probably does not need to accomplish quite the same level of technical mastery as the player does. I have known brilliant composers who are unable to read musical notes or write them. They compose and someone else writes it for them. The composer is more of the imaginative romantic, conceiving of sounds the world has never heard before. Occasionally one person can both perform and compose with equal genius.

The same is true in business and other areas of life. Some of us create our own musical scores, some of us play the music of others. It is important to learn the techniques of finding your inner soul and its purpose, to know whether you were put into this world to create or to innovate, to perform great works or to create new works of your own. I have dedicated sections in Lead By Greatness on Purpose and Authenticity to help the reader determine their purpose in the world and to know whether they are better suited for performance or for composition. Whether as a leader, you create your own "music" or perform the music of others, provided you are authentic to your essence, to your inner soul, your music will be original and divine - it will move people and inspire them.

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