Kathy Bollinger

Consultant and Lead by Greatness® Coach

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Kathy Bollinger coaches and uplifts ambitious and self-directed leaders at different stages of their leadership journey to discover their greatness. To Kathy, leadership is noble work. Organizations succeed or fail based on the effectiveness of leaders at all levels. As a problem solver, change activator, and happiness curator, Kathy sees possibilities for growth and development in every opportunity; she supports her clients to dig deep, confront their inner critic, and live and lead by intention. Kathy listens carefully to what is said and what is not said to help clients make connections between who they are and how they perform, to get them closer and closer to their A+ game.

Prior to joining Lapin International as a Lead by Greatness® Coach, Kathy had a 40-year career in healthcare executive leadership. Her experience is broad and deep including leading through mergers, acquisitions, downsizing, and growth cycles. She is passionate about the difference that value-based authentic leadership has on people and organizations, as she has seen it first-hand. She is a Hudson Institute Certified Coach, a Goleman Emotional Intelligence Certified Coach, and actively pursuing Advanced Coaching Certification as a Positive intelligence Mental Fitness coach.