Coaching for Distinction

Our high–impact, one–on–one coaching takes clients to new levels in real time application of Lead By Greatness™ techniques. Our team of certified Lead by Greatness™ coaches is highly skilled, experienced and deeply empathetic. Coaching deepens the integration of Lead by Greatness™ in the individual’s professional and personal life, and also embeds its principles into the client organization’s leadership culture, helping to differentiate it from its peers.

A typical coaching engagement is between 6 and 10 sessions and an optional 360 degree assessment before and after. However packages are tailored to the individual needs of each client and their organization’s objectives.


Session 1:

  • Get to know one another
  • Experientially and conceptually explore how honing character can power success
  • Identify the target focus areas of the coaching with clear expectations and measures for success in each area


Session 2: Authenticity

  • Map and articulate your unique Spiritual Fingerprint™ – the forces that lead you to the choices and decisions you make in life
  • Explore the implications of your Spiritual Fingerprint™ in the present and for your future
  • Explore the impact of your Spiritual Fingerprint™ at work and in personal relationships

Session 3: Destiny

  • Build your unique portfolio of character assets
  • Discover your Purpose – the reason you believe you were put into the world and the difference only you can make to it
  • Articulate your Purpose

Session 4: Alignment

  • Align your Purpose, your Spiritual Fingerprint™ and your current realities
  • Explore possible barriers to effectively implementing your Spiritual Fingerprint™ and Purpose in the key areas of your life
  • Craft an experiential vision of an aligned life
  • Identify the changes you need to make in order to give life to your Purpose and Spiritual Fingerprint™.

Session 5: Mastery

  • Learn to know your instinctual defensive responses and what triggers them
  • Master the ability to make value-driven choices from the core of your Spiritual Fingerprint™ even when your defenses are being triggered
  • Set goals to practice and experiment with mastery in real time situations before the next session.

Session 6: Action Learning-(i)

  • Review and expand previous learning
  • Examine how mastery could have yielded better outcomes for real situations in the past
  • Simulate mastery for projected upcoming situations

Session 7: Action Learning-(ii)

  • Review real time challenges and applications of mastery
  • Document successes and analyze failures
  • Review journal entries since the start of the program, examine feedback from key relationships and explore progress


Session 8: Humility

  • Probe the sources of insecurity and identify those that apply to you
  • Identify the areas in your life that are dominated by ego-driven responses or activities
  • Find the power of your confidence and self-esteem
  • Use the authority of your personal stature to build trusting relationships

Session 9: Vulnerability and Accountability

  • Learn three courage-strategies that attract followers and inspire the support of the people around you
  • Learn how to build a culture of accountability instead of one of culpability
  • Learn how to have hard conversations that initiate meaningful change without causing the other party to become defensive

Session 10: Generosity

  • Foster an atmosphere of emotional safety in your team where people confront truth without fear of retaliation
  • Create an environment in which people generously give of themselves, their time and their talent without fear of exploitation
  • Build trusting relationships

Session 11: Action Learning

  • Review and expand previous learning in module
  • Document successes and analyze failures
  • Review journal entries during module two and explore progress


Session 12: Global Cultures I

  • Explore the correlation between cultures, values and behaviors
  • Gain insight into how different cultures experience the world through different lenses focusing on the nationalities with which you interact
  • Examine your own cultural lens and how it impacts your assumptions and experiences

Session 13: Global Cultures II

  • Improve your communication effectiveness across cultures
  • Learn strategies to build trust and command respect across cultures
  • Improve negotiation effectiveness through enhanced cultural intelligence

Session 14: Bridging Generations

  • Attract and retain the New Generation
  • Build trusting and hyper-productive partnerships with the New Generation
  • Inspire the New Generation for innovation and engagement


Session 15: Wisdom

  • Learn how to access your inner wisdom to inform your decisions and resolve your dilemmas
  • Review your journal and map your progress against original expectations and success measures
  • Draft your actionable blueprint to embed the learning and sustain the change