Our History

Lapin International, Inc. got its start in 1989, when David Lapin founded the management consulting firm Strategic Business Ethics (SBE). Having heard David propose his ideas at large Human Resource Conference in 1990, Bill Nairn and Ken Maxwell, CEO and Chairman of the JCI Mining Group (South Africa) walked into David Lapin’s office to discuss his unconventional hypothesis: Nearly all business challenges are fundamentally human. They result more from issues around the human spirit, its cravings, relationships, and needs, than around pure economic and financial criteria. Identify and fix the human, relational, and spiritual issues in an organization, and business will flourish. So intrigued were they with the idea, that they invited David to use three of their largest mines for a research project to validate his theory.

This was the seed that grew SBE (later to become Lapin International) into a dynamic consulting firm. David led a research team to investigate how cultures, values, the ethics of management, and the greatness of individual leaders as human beings impact corporate financial performance. The project took eighteen months and covered some 20,000 employees from more than 10 different cultures, at all management and educational levels. The results, subsequently validated internationally, were astonishing and opened a host of opportunities to unlock human greatness to boost financial performance.

Lapin International Today

Lapin International works with companies across a wide spectrum of industries on five continents, helping them leverage human energy and innovation into quick, visible and lasting financial impact. In 2009, Lapin International further deepened its global insight by extending its research to include many of the Inc. 5000’s fastest growing companies and their CEOs. Lapin identified the eight Leadership Traits most responsible for their success. These traits validated everything Lapin International has been promoting for years and hastened the publishing of David Lapin’s acclaimed book, Lead By Greatness, while informing the core of its Lead By Greatness™ portfolio of programs. In 2015, Lapin International was recognized as one of the fastest-growing, privately held companies on the INC. 5000.

Lapin International has helped organizations around the globe navigate the turbulence of an ever-changing world by centering their strategies and cultures in never-changing values designed to support their financial objectives. Our 20-year track record on five continents in multiple industries guarantees our clients’ results.